Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from Switch4Teams allows you to connect your business phone numbers and existing PBX.

Business Phone Number, PSTN Number, Teams App
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Connect Your Business Phone Line and Make Calls with Microsoft Teams Application

Switch4Teams gives you the capability to use your existing business phone number seamlessly with the Microsoft Teams application. We make this possible with our virtual direct routing service.

What is Virtual Direct Routing?

Direct routing means we route your business phone lines to your PBX or VoIP Phone System and to your Microsoft Teams Application. This allows you and your colleagues to make and receive calls.

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What are the Features of Direct Routing? 

Switch4Teams direct routing features include the best collaboration, productivity and flexible working tools of Microsoft.

  • Fully certified by Microsoft for Direct Routing
  • Integrated support services with Microsoft
  • Hybrid platforms ensure smooth migration
  • Enable co-existence with legacy PSTN phone systems
  • Comprehensive scalability from a few to tens of thousands of concurrent calls
  • Virtual direct routing requires no hardware maintenance on your part
  • Preserve bandwidth and optimize voice quality
  • Service Provider effective eliminating on-premise servicer
  • Secure SIP trunk connectivity and real time location based routing
  • Skype for Business migration support with advanced routing features
  • Legacy TDM PBX and IP-PBX integration capabilities
  • Real-time voice quality monitoring
  • Automatic updates and top rated customer support
business phone number for microsoft teams
Equiinet SIP Phone & Switch4Teams Virtual Direct Routing for Teams

New Business Phone Number

Numbers available include 0800 freephone numbers, 0845 and 0870 numbers, and local numbers 01 or 02.

0800 is one of the UK's most popular business phone number ranges, and businesses using 0800 are generally perceived to be bigger, more established companies.

Premium Rate numbers are also available from Switch4Teams which can charge users at a variety of rates, including a flat fee per call or charged by the second.

Largest Range of Business Phone Numbers in the UK

We have the most complete range of non-geographic business phone numbers in the UK - literally hundreds of thousands of numbers available.

Whether you are starting a business, are an established call centre, a government body, or are simply looking to more accurately measure your marketing campaigns, we will have numbers to suit you!

Unsure which number is right for your company?

Call us and speak to our experienced team to help you choose the correct number for your particular business with the minimum of fuss.


Switch4Teams Ltd is a UK-based, award-winning Unified Communications provider with over 20 years of experience.

Our voice over IP (VoIP) internet-based telephony, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and UC cloud communication solutions are currently used by 1,000’s of SMEs and partners across the UK.

Contact us by email at or call +44.0113.328.1330

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Microsoft Teams is a hub for team-work in Microsoft 365. It empowers organizations to build a project, campaign or department, communicate in real-time, make rapid decisions and share content as a group.

Switch4Teams calling plans differ from Microsoft Calling Plans because we offer a SHARED plan so every user does not need a dedicated calling plan. Additionally, Switch4Teams offers unlimited inbound calls at no additional charge.

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