6 Ways Marketing Firms are Using Teams

6 Ways Marketing Firms are Using Teams

Marketing teams need to create, collaborate and show results while working with a diverse group of people from both inside and outside the company.

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Why not do it all in one place? Teams provides a shared workspace for all conversations, files, and third-party services.

Now it’s easier to manage marketing campaigns and social channels, collaborate on content creation, and plan events.

1. Managing Internal & External Users

Create a new team named Marketing. Invite internal and external teammates from all marketing groups, including PR, Brand and Design.

microsoft teams
Collaborate Meeting on Teams

2. Use Channels for Marketing Initiatives

Add channels for individual marketing projects, clients and teams, such as Go-to-Market, Public Relations, Event Planning and Budget.

As well as channels can be organized so you can interact and communicate with agencies, consultants, and partners using secure guest access.

teams for marketing firms
Meeting in Teams

3. Integrate Key Apps like HootSuite

For each channel, connect relevant third-party services, such as Bing News Alerts, Twitter Connector, Adobe Creative Cloud, HootSuite and YouTube.

Stop having to log-in to multiple applications, instead get access to all the information you need quickly and easily directly in your Teams workspace.

microsoft teams
Microsoft Teams Channel View

4. Keep Marketing Assets Organized

Create and store marketing assets— such as plans, briefs, press releases and design files—in the Files section.

Security and easy access is simple with Teams integration of Office 365 and OneDrive. Give specific employees viewing and editing access to important documents.

onedrive on teams
Files Directly on Teams

5. Track Marketing Plans and Budgets

Teams gives you the ability to pin your marketing plans, budget and/or campaign landing page to relevant channels for easy reference.

6. Connect with Built-in Video Conferencing & Calling

Schedule and hold all meetings in Teams using audio and video conferencing features, as well as chat and file-sharing.

Read our latest article for our top tips on How to Conduct a Video Conference Meeting on Teams.

calling plans for teams
Switch4Teams Calling Plans for Teams

Final tip: Organize Large Live Events Directly on Teams with Stream

With Teams live events, users in your organization can broadcast video and meeting content to large online audiences. Stream is an external software based encoder that is required for a Teams Live Event. For more details on how to do a Teams Live Event visit Microsoft's docs.

live event on teams
Live Event on Teams


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