Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Deploy Microsoft 365 business voice on Switch4Teams. Our carrier network is integrated with Ribbon to provide a SHARED Direct Routing SBC, with a complete telco feature set.

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microsoft 365 business voice

Seamlessly integrated into Office 365, Microsoft 365 Business Voice is an all-in-one communication solution that brings voice calling, meetings, and messaging together in a single application, on any device, with Microsoft Teams specifically for SMB clients.

Uniquely positioned Switch4Teams is partnered with Ribbon to provide a certified virtual SBC server solution.

Switch4Teams is one of the longest operating and one of the most experienced providers of SIP-based telecommunications services in the UK with a long history of voice-enabling Microsoft’s services on premises, or in the cloud.

The resilience and feature set of the Switch4Teams SIP platform is a perfect match with Microsoft, allowing our customers to leverage the leading global collaboration platform as a complete PBX replacement.

Switch4Teams has the depth of experience and expertise to help businesses maximize their investments in Microsoft Teams.

Switch4Teams Enables Business Phone Systems for Microsoft

microsoft 365 business voice
Connect Faster & Easier
o365 business voice
Save Time & Money
o365 voice sip integration
Secure SIP Integration

What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system built for productivity.

It integrates into Office 365 for an all-in-one communication solution that brings together calling, meetings, and messaging into a single application, Microsoft Teams.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, Switch4Teams can work with you to reduce complexity, training and having to remember multiple logins by consolidating your apps with a single provider for all your communications.

Start a call, schedule and join meetings more easily, right from Outlook. Your attendees can join just as fast from Outlook or any web browser without application downloads or sign-in required.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice Benefits

All-in-one communications

Transform how work gets done by unifying calling, chat, and meetings in Microsoft Teams

Calling from anywhere

Connect faster and easier wherever work takes you, on any device.

Learn how Switch4Teams can speed up your Microsoft Teams Virtual Direct Routing SBC

Modern phone system

Work confidently with a reliable, secure, and intelligent phone system designed for small and medium business.

microsoft 365 business voice
Switch4Teams Virtual Direct Routing SBC & Equiinet SIP Phone for Microsoft Teams

Complete Your Voice Solution with Switch4Teams

Switch4Teams is the only UK Carrier to host and support a virtual Direct Routing SBC, with a complete telco feature set that includes:

  • Real Time Media Assessments
  • Teams End User Adoption & Teams Governance Training
  • White Glove Porting Migration Services
  • Teams devices as a service
  • Teams Premium Support for Voice (via Switch4Teams SIP)
  • CSP Licensing
  • Legacy PBX Integration
  • Contact Center Solutions


Switch4Teams Ltd is a UK-based, award-winning Unified Communications provider with over 20 years of experience.

Our voice over IP (VoIP) internet-based telephony, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and UC cloud communication solutions are currently used by 1,000’s of SMEs and partners across the UK.

Contact us by email at or call +44.0113.328.1330

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Why Microsoft Teams with Switch4Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hub for team-work in Microsoft 365. It empowers organizations to build a project, campaign or department, communicate in real-time, make rapid decisions and share content as a group.

Switch4Teams calling plans differ from Microsoft Calling Plans because we offer a SHARED plan so every user does not need a dedicated calling plan. Additionally, Switch4Teams offers unlimited inbound calls at no additional charge.

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