Microsoft Teams Help & Learning

Microsoft Teams Help & Learning

Microsoft Teams how to download, learn the basics and make the most of Teams. This is your essential beginners guide, how to sign in and get started with Teams.

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What is Microsoft Teams and how can it help you?

With Microsoft Teams on your Mac, PC or mobile device, you can:

  • Talk via chat to replace email
  • Edit files securely
  • Keep track of mentions, replies & likes with just one tap
  • Customize using websites, apps & adding notes

How to sign in and start using Microsoft Teams 

1. Click on Teams to start running it.

  • On Mac, go to Applications folder and select Microsoft Teams
  • In Windows, select Start > Microsoft Teams
  • On mobile devices, tap on Teams icon

2. Sign in using your Microsoft 365 username and password

Note: Teams is part of Microsoft 365, which requires a license for Microsoft 365 Apps for business or Enterprise license.

To learn more see How do I get access to Microsoft Teams?

microsoft office 365
Microsoft Office 365 Integrates with VoIP PBX Phone Systems

Choosing a Team and Channel

Team - group of people, conversations, tools & files – all located in one spot.

Channel – discussion within one team, focused on a department, project or topic

The best way to learn how to use them is to just choose a team & channel, then begin exploring.

(1)  Choose Teams on the left side of the app, then choose a team. If you are not already on a team, you can create one. Go to Onboard your teams.

(2)  Choose a channel to explore Conversations, Files & other tabs.

To learn more, check out Teams & Channels
Microsoft Teams Interface

Chatting and Sharing Files in Teams

How do you start a new conversation with the whole team?

  1. Choose Teams & then pick a team & channel.
  2. Type your message & hit Send

How do you start a new conversation with a person or group?

  1. Go to the top of the app & press New Chat
  2. In the To field, type the name of the person(s)
  3. Type your message in the box & press Send

Visit Microsoft Teams article to learn more about sharing files in Teams.

Replying to Conversations

Microsoft Teams organizes channel conversations by date and puts them into threads.

The threads appear under the initial post, where you can follow multiple conversations at once.

(1)   Locate the conversation thread

(2)   Then click Reply, type your message, & click Send

Use Emojis, Memes & GIFs

Who says work can’t be fun? Click Sticker under the message box & choose a meme or sticker from a wide variety organized in various categories.

You can even upload your own. Emoji features smiley faces & Giphy has animated GIFs.

emojis on teams
Emoji's on Teams

Share a File

(1)   While in channel conversation, click Attach located below the message box.

(2)   Select from Recent, OneDrive, or Upload from my computer.

(3)   Choose a file > Share a link. If it’s a file uploaded from your computer, select that file, select Open & then Send. You can keep track of the files you’ve already posted to that channel by clicking on the Files tab.

 Note: Not surprisingly, Teams works best with Microsoft Office documents.

Collaborating in Teams

@mention someone is a great way to grab a person’s attention during a channel conversation or chat. Here’s how: 

(1)  Type @then begin typing that person’s name in the message box. You can do the same with entire teams or channels.

(2)  Select that person & repeat as many times as you like for multiple mentions. Each person you @mention receives a notification in their Activity feed. Look for a red circle.

message conversation on teams
Message Conversation on Teams

Stay on top of things

To keep track of your notifications…

(1)  Click Activity.

(2)  Feed provides a summary of the channels you follow.

-         Select Filter to show only @mentions or reactions.

-         Select Feed > My Activity for a list of all your recent Team activity.

Search for messages, people, or files

Searches cover every team & channel you are part of.

(1)  Type phrase into the command box, found at the top of the app, & click Enter.

(2)  Choose Messages, People or Files tab.

(3)  Choose an item in search results – or choose More filters to refine your search results further.

Setting up your Teams Mobile Apps

You can access files from anywhere. Choose Android, iOS or Windows

To download the Teams mobile app visit Microsoft Teams download page.

Learning more about Teams

 Select Help located on the left side of the app. Then choose:

  • Topics for what’s already out there
  • What’s new for newest developments


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