Microsoft Teams: Top 5 Features

Microsoft Teams: Top 5 Features

Download the Microsoft Teams app. Here are the top 5 features of Teams.

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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft is a do-it-all communications platform that’s fully integrated with Office 365

Back around 2016, Microsoft reportedly tried to acquire Slack before deciding to compete with them.

Microsoft Teams resulted: a total communication and collaboration platform that unifies chat and messaging, video meetings, file storage and collaboration on files, and application integration.

By 2019,Teams overtook Slack in total customers, thanks in large part to its bundling as part of Office 365 – which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, among others.

Teams Top Features

Head to Microsoft Teams’ page to download the free or paid versions.

1. Teams has a great layout and user experience

While many find easier Slack easier to set up, Teams boasts stronger administrative controls and better security. PC Mag breaks it down here. If you’re one of the larger organizations that Microsoft markets to, it makes sense to let your IT people take the lead.

If you’re too small to have IT people, talk to an expert before making a big decision.

Teams is available on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Microsoft Teams features bots - T-Bot and Who Bot.  

2. Instant Messaging & Video Calls

Microsoft Teams has many built-in options to format your text, with emojis, gifs, and attaching files. Read our article Top Tips for Video Conferencing for a list of features and more detailed breakdown.

PC Mag and others report Microsoft Teams holds the edge in video over Slack. That’s partly because Skype is integrated, partly because Teams allows up to 250 people on a paid plan vs. Slack’s fifteen, and also because you can record meetings directly using Teams.

3. File Sharing/Collaboration & Integrations

Another core value proposition, Microsoft Teams lets you share Office 365 files and work on them immediately from the workspace.

Although Slack has led the market in third-party integrations, Microsoft Teams clearly has excellent native integrations with Office 365.

And it’s been growing its relationship with third-party apps, supporting 180 or so as of April 2020.

4. Easily Find Chat History and More on Teams with Search

Microsoft Teams lets you search your chat history, contacts and even the content of the files you share in the app. 

5. Task management

Microsoft Teams encourages an integration with the Planner tool. Microsoft Teams can also handle workers and companies who use multiple shifts.

Help & Support

Microsoft Teams and Slack provide support through different channels like bots and FAQs.Of course, sometimes googling gives you the best and quickest results.

Here is the help page for Microsoft Teams.  


When it comes to the paid plans, the most affordable Microsoft Teams plan is less expensive than Slack’s cheapest plan. Microsoft Teams’ pricing page shows Business Essentials at $5/person/month, and Business Premium at $20/person/month.

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