Top tips for video conferencing in Microsoft Teams

Top tips for video conferencing in Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing on Microsoft Teams can be nerve racking. Here are some tips on how to have a great experience at your next Microsoft Teams video conference.

Video Conferencing in Microsoft Teams, Video Conference
video conferencing in microsoft teams

Video conferencing is helping organizations globally to stay connected, engaged and productive. As more people work from home, expertise on using Microsoft Teams video conferencing is more important than ever.

1. Teams allows you to connect with people inside and outside your organization.

When you schedule a meeting either in Teams or Outlook, include the email address of your external guests and Teams will handle the invitation - Teams will send an email invite with details on how to join the meeting.

Your guest will be able to click on the link, enter their name and join your video or audio conference call directly in their internet browser without having to download an app, install a plug-in or any other cumbersome requirement.

microsoft teams video conference
Microsoft Teams join online is easy

2. Dial-in capabilities on Microsoft Teams

Have professional high-definition calling capabilities on your video conference call. Organizations with Switch4Teams calling plan for Teams will automatically see dial-in phone numbers.

Event attendees will be able to click the dial-in number from a cell phone number, SIP phone line or PSTN line and enter the conference bridge bridge details.

video conferencing dialing options
Audio conferencing dial-in options on Microsoft Teams

3. Organizers can control the meeting

As an organizer in Teams, you have the many options for controlling and organizing a meeting.

For example, you can choose to create a meeting lobby. A meeting lobby can alert you when some has joined the meeting and give you the organizer full control of when the attendee can start viewing and sharing media.

You can assign attendees that can present, mute participants and start or stop recordings.

video conferencing organizer
Teams meetings organizer options and permissions

4. Face to face video conference with background blur

If you can’t meet in person, meeting online with video is the next best thing. Encourage everyone in your Teams meeting to turn on their video. Turn on background blur to keep the focus on you instead of what’s behind you.

teams video conferencing blur
Teams background settings while in a meeting

5. Choose the content you want to share

When sharing content in Teams meetings, you control what others can see. You can decide whether you need to show your entire desktop, or just a specific window. If someone is sharing their desktop or an application, you can request the presenter to give you control.

video conferencing on teams
Teams sharing capabilities

6. Share and engage live with whiteboard

Just because everyone is not in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t brainstorm on a whiteboard.

Microsoft Whiteboard is integrated with every Teams meeting, enabling meeting participant to join in with touch—or their mouse—and contribute with digital ink. Whiteboard sessions are saved as part of every meeting and available for future use and reference.

video conferencing tips on teams
How to share whiteboard within Teams

7. Catch-up on meetings you missed with video conferencing recordings

Whether running a few minutes late, or double-booked with a fire drill, there’s a good chance that someone will miss the meeting. Instead of bringing them up-to-speed in another meeting, simply record your Teams meeting.

Not only is the recorded meeting stored in the cloud—and a link provided in the meeting chat—but participants can search the meeting transcript and jump to the point in time of the meeting where it was mentioned.

microsoft team playback recording feature
Microsoft Teams playback recording feature

8. Follow along with meeting captions

Encourage your meeting participants to turn on live captions and read subtitles in real-time.

This is a game changing feature for those who are hard of hearing, have different levels of language proficiency, or are connecting from a loud location.

Live captions is currently available in English for users located in the UK and United States.

Chat and Video on Microsoft Teams Interface

9. Be heard clearly with certified equipment

Microsoft partners like Equiinet, Polycom, and Yealink offer Teams certified desktop phones and headsets to ensure you have the best sound and video quality.

Connect and start your meetings with one touch. Use IP desktop and headset devices for your home, business and co-working space.

Woman making a video conference call on Microsoft Teams


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