Understanding Microsoft Teams Calling Plans

Understanding Microsoft Teams Calling Plans

Microsoft Calling Plans is one of the options customers have for calling in Microsoft Teams application.

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PSTN Phone Number to Microsoft Teams

Calling Plans is one of the options customers have for calling in Microsoft Teams.

To get this functionality you need two things

  • A “Phone System” licence from Microsoft, which is available as an add-on licence or bundled in Office 365 E5. This will give you the ability for your Teams app "client" to act as a phone.
  • A phone number and PSTN connectivity (line and minutes). PSTN is the Public Switched Telephony Network or the telephony network.

There are two ways to get a phone number and PSTN connectivity in Microsoft Teams

  • A Microsoft provided Calling plan that includes your user phone number and a bundle of minutes
  • Direct Routing – use a Session Border Controller (SBC) and Carrier connection (SIP Provider), or having a third party carrier like Switch4Teams provide both as a service.

This blog explains the Microsoft Calling Plan option. For details on Direct Routing head to our blog post What is Direct Routing?

What are Microsoft Calling Plans?

Microsoft offers calling plans as a per-user licence. They bundle up a number of minutes and a phone number for users. All service is provided direct from Microsoft via Office 365 with no additional PSTN carrier contract.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Specifically for small and medium businesses (fewer than 300 users and on Office 365 Business SKU or a host of other SKU’s), there is a Microsoft 365 Business Voice offer that bundles Phone System, Microsoft PSTN Conferencing and Calling plan or partners can bundle Direct Routing and a simplified setup.

This is available in the UK and Canada today and the US from 1st April 2020.

Other markets to follow but no ETA – stay tuned on the Microsoft Teams Insider blog for more markets as they are announced.

What Countries are Microsoft Calling Plans available for?

Microsoft offers calling plans for users in 10 countries. Note your Office 365 tenant does not need to be homed in these countries, but the user must have their user country set appropriately.

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Puerto Rico
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom (U.K.)
  • United States (U.S.)

Microsoft Teams has recently seen an increase in downloads due to more and more people working from home, so we expect additional countries to be added to this list soon. All countries globally are covered by Direct Routing.

Microsoft also has direct partnerships with Telstra for Australia and Softbank for Japan, so these partners can offer calling plans directly for Office 365 tenants in those countries, but not tenants outside of those countries.

How much do Microsoft Calling Plans cost and how many minutes are included?

microsoft calling plan pricing
Average Microsoft Calling Plan Pricing

Microsoft offers Domestic and Domestic and International Calling Plans.

  • MCOPSTN1 – Domestic Calling Plan (3000 domestic minutes US/1200 domestic minute EU plans) – $12 per user per month
  • MCOPSTN2 – Domestic & International Calling Plan (3000 domestic minute US/Canada/PR, 1200 domestic minute Europe and 600 international minutes) – $24 per user per month
  • MCOPSTN5 – Domestic Calling Plan (120-minute domestic calling plan) – only available to specific organisations, no public pricing
  • MCOPSTN6 – Domestic Calling Plan (240-minute domestic calling plan) – only available to specific organisations, no public pricing

How do the minute caps work?

The minute caps are not actually per user but are bundled per plan, per country for each organisation. So if you have 3 users with MCOPSTN2 Domestic and International in France, those 3 users have a combined 3,600 domestic minutes and 1,800 international minutes.

If another user in France has MCOPSTN1, Domestic plan, they have 1200 domestic minutes, but even if there are domestic minutes still available in the MCOPSTN2-France plan, once they have used all 1200 they go on to pay per minute.

How can I see where I am with my minute caps?

Teams Admin Center (TAC admin.teams.microsoft.com) has a preview minutes pool report

microsoft calling plans
Microsoft Calling Plan Console

Can I pay per minute?

There is no per-minute only plan, however, you can pick a domestic plan and pay per minute for international calls. You can also pay per minute if you go beyond your allocation of minutes

What happens when I run out of minutes?

Once you run out of minutes in your plan, if you have communications credits enabled, you can pay per minute for any overages.

Communications Credits is Microsoft’s name for a pre-paid amount of money that can be run down per minute.

This bucket of credit can be used in various ways, in the context of calling plans it is used to pay per minute for usage beyond the plan or for international calls on a domestic plan,

What are the per-minute costs for Communications Credits?

Microsoft lists the per-minute costs here: https://products.office.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/voice-calling#Pricing

calling plans for teams
Microsoft Communications Credits

Where can I get an itemised bill?

There is an itemised bill available on the Teams Admin Center. It can be exported as a CSV.

ms teams calling plans
Microsoft Teams Calling Plans
Microsoft Teams Billing Details

Is this a cheaper alternative to Microsoft calling plans?

Switch4Teams Direct Routing offers a cost-effective alternative which works flexibly with differing requirements across departments.


Switch4Teams Ltd is a UK-based, award-winning Unified Communications provider with over 20 years of experience.

Our voice over IP (VoIP) internet-based telephony, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and UC cloud communication solutions are currently used by 1,000’s of SMEs and partners across the UK.

Contact us by email at info@switch4teams.com or call +44.0113.328.1330

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