What are the advantages of VoIP on Teams?

What are the advantages of VoIP on Teams?

VoIP calls on Teams improves collaboration, customer relationships and ultimately leads to more profit for your organization.

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Enter Microsoft Teams and VoIP

Teams is a collaboration app, specifically designed for continuous teamwork, that brings people together instantly and effortlessly.

Research has shown Teams is a key asset to improving an organisations output, it helps staff keep track of their projects, and increases worker satisfaction.

Microsoft Teams features:

  • Secure video meetings
  • Conference and VoIP calling
  • Instant Messaging Chat
  • File Sharing
  • White-boarding
  • All-in-one single app
microsoft teams collaboration
Organization using Teams on Multiple Devices from Various Locations

Teams lets you instantaneously communicate with people form inside and outside your company within a secure VoIP system - anytime, anywhere on any of your devices.

Teamwork Between Employees is Key

Competitions is more fierce than ever, making your people - your talent - a major asset in your organization.

To support that talent, your company needs tools that easy and robust to keep information flowing and decision making happening.

A 2020 Garner survey found that 72% of global business leaders say "effective team communications" is the most important skill in recent years.

Working together using a unified communications tool such as Microsoft Teams and integrating VoIP can save employees time.

microsoft teams workflow
Microsoft Teams and VoIP Allows for Easier User Workflows

Interoperability between your VoIP services and Teams will enhance productivity. IT staffs will be able to better track devices and apps.

Teams can organize user workflows and gives IT departments the tools to avoid and mitigate security breaches.

VoIP is Feature Rich

The list of VoIP features is extensive. VoIP directly on Teams eliminates the complexity of multiple tools and apps for collaboration.

When you create a Channel or Team on Microsoft Teams you build a secure virtual work space where all your day-to-day interactions from messaging, file sharing, to whiteboard for that specific project or team.

You can also add external partners, consultants and anyone else on your team with a simple and easy email invitation.

Microsoft Teams Whiteboard View on a Conference Call

Virtual Meetings are Improved with VoIP Calling Features

Virtual meetings and conference calls can be started instantly. Requiring members to just press join on their Microsoft Teams app.

No more scrambling to find the meeting invites with the toll free number and trying to dial-in to a phone number to enter.

Participants can share their screen within the Teams app or share a digital whiteboard.

Participants can also edit and draw on the whiteboard remotely at the same time.

How to Join a Virtual Meeting on Teams

Enhance Your Video Experience with VoIP Devices

Take your video experience to the next level with wireless conference phones and VoIP devices like the Yealink VS 800 and the Equiinet F4 SIP phone.

Microsoft Teams app works directly with these devices wirelessly so when you enter a meeting/conference room, it will detect the Teams App is installed on your device, great you, and allow you to connect to it.

Once connected, you can start meetings, share your screen, and pull up any of the files stored within your space. All without plugging in a single cable!

Equiinet VoIP Phone Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Additionally, VoIP on Teams can even move the audio and video of a live call from one device to another with a single click or swipe.

On a call, but need to run? Simply swipe the call back down from you Yealink conference phone or Equiinet VoIP device to your smartphone or laptop without disruption.

Other key attributes:

  • VoIP integration provides a complete end-to-end encryption protection for all conferences, calls and users
  • Microsoft Teams App allows you to integrate with thousands of productivity tools such as Jira, Salesforce, Trello and more
  • Team members can join Team meetings from any standards-based SIP video device such Yealink or Equiinet and from their smartphone using a call-in numbers

To learn more about connecting a SIP device with Microsoft Teams read our article How to Connect Your SIP Phone to Teams.

Is VoIP on Teams Beneficial? 

Microsoft Teams is the most widely used and is driving collaboration for organisations globally.

VoIP on Teams reduces the time and cost associated with making calls on Teams.

Most importantly, it allows you to forget about technology and enables you to focus on what really matters, managing your business.  

microsoft teams
Microsoft Teams User Adoption Statistics

Reach out and let us show you how VoIP on Teams eliminates a slew of headaches, streamlines the way you communicate and collaborate, and enables your teams to concentrates on growing your organization’s bottom line.


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