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Unleash the Power of Microsoft Teams with an existing PBX Telephone System. Switch4Teams works in minutes without PBX migration or phone number porting.
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Unleash the power of Microsoft Teams with an existing PBX telephone system

Microsoft Teams is the next generation of collaboration tools for the modern workplace. When migrating to Microsoft Teams you do not want to sacrifice important PBX features. Until Switch4Teams®, integrating Microsoft Teams with an existing PBX was not available which meant changing phone numbers and no dial by extension options.

Switch4Teams is a patented and fully automated service for calling in Microsoft Teams, while maintaining your existing PBX. Switch4Teams works in minutes without PBX migration.

Switch4Teams Benefits

How does it work?

Microsoft Teams user is linked to an existing PBX extension for example 201. The username, password and extension (201) of the user is entered in Switch4Teams self-service web portal. Switch4Teams geo redundant platform ensures that the fixed device at the workplace is replaced by the Microsoft Teams user smartphone.


  • Advanced PBX functions such as multi-level hunt groups
  • Use of a single telephone number block
  • Re-direct calls in case a Team's user isn't available
  • Easy migration without number porting or replacing SIP
  • Keep existing call routing plan and extensions in place
  • Flexible number presentation when making calls


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One-Stop Shop
Microsoft Teams delivers a one-stop platform backed by the expertise and resources of a global partner, empowering you to develop a centralized strategy for secure, seamless Unified Communications.

Reliable, Secure and Customization
We deliver enterprise voice, geo, non-geo and premium phone numbers, presence, audio/video conferencing, web collaboration, screen sharing, SIP trunking and much more over our carrier grade network.
Fully Integrated
Microsoft Teams fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook email and calendars, SharePoint, the Microsoft Office suite, CRM software and a variety of other services for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Why Microsoft Teams with Switch4Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hub for team-work in Microsoft 365. It empowers organizations to build a project, campaign or department, communicate in real-time, make rapid decisions and share content as a group.

Switch4Teams calling plans differ from Microsoft Calling Plans because we offer a SHARED plan so every user does not need a dedicated calling plan. Additionally, Switch4Teams offers unlimited inbound calls at no additional charge.

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