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Understanding Microsoft Teams
Calling Plans

by Claudia Perez

Microsoft offers calling plans as a per-user licence. They bundle up a number of minutes and a phone number for users. All service is provided direct from Microsoft via Office 365 with no additional PSTN carrier contract.

This blog explains the Microsoft Calling Plan option. For details on Direct Routing head to our blog post What is Direct Routing?

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microsoft teams calling plans

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microsoft teams call quality

6 Steps to Prepare Your Network for the Best Microsoft Teams Call Quality

by Claudia Perez

In the wake of Coronovirus, over 100 million users are now using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is an instant collaboration and chat app and it's even more powerful due to its integration with Office 365, Azure and the Microsoft ecosystem.

Here are 6 steps you can take to prepare your network for the best Microsoft Teams call quality.

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What makes us unique

We deliver the highest call quality at competitive pricing for direct routing.
microsoft direct routing

Quality of Service (QoS) for Teams

Traffic congestion across a network will greatly impact media quality. Switch4Teams Quality of Service (QoS) provides an optimal end-user experience for audio and video communications.

microsoft teams calls

Direct Routing

Save over 20% on the cost of
Microsoft Teams call packages using Direct Routing from Switch4Teams.

communication services

Business Continuity Services to Keep Your Business Moving Forward
hosted pbx

Hosted PBX

An alternative to ISDN or multiple telephone lines, Hosted PBX utilizes VoIP to deliver your telephone calls.

voip app

Mobile VoIP App

True mobility of your telephone numbers with our smart phone app, available for both Android and iPhone devices.

business phone number

Business Numbers

We have a wide variety of business numbers ranging from freephone numbers up to premium rate numbers for your helpline.

direct routing microsoft

Location Based Routing

Applying location based routing, you can divert callers to their nearest, or most appropriate, destination.

microsoft teams

Data Capture Services

Fully user-configurable service that gives you all of the functionality you need to run a recorded line or collect customer data.

microsoft teams

Instant Collaboration

Converse with remote and home-working employees with instant messaging on Microsoft Teams.

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